Iris Inc. Top 5 Finalist for Denver Post Millennial Week 80/95 Awards



Over 200 local businesses and entrepreneurs were nominated to be publicly honored during the launch of the Denver Post’s Millennial Week. Iris Inc. was among many organizations being celebrated at the 80/95 Award ceremony last week. The team of young professionals at Iris Inc. landed in the top five finalists as the Best Company for Millennial Employees due to their influential role in small business development in the Greater Denver Area.  

80/95 Awards

Centered around the generation of professionals born between 1980 and 1995, The 80/95 Awards recognize the empowerment of millennials in the modern workplace. Presented by the Denver Post, the networking event and award ceremony focused on three main award categories, including entrepreneurship, civic engagement and lifestyle & culture. Iris Inc. couldn’t be more proud to be among the top five finalists for the Best Company for Millennial Employees award. While many factors contribute to the success of Iris Inc., its relaxing work environment and organizational culture are the true winners here.  

Organizational Culture

Located in the heart of Denver’s LoDo neighborhood, Iris Inc. provides an ideal workspace for the organization’s growing team of marketing experts. Each member brings something unique to the team. The dog-friendly office is constantly bustling with freelancers, staff and pets alike making Iris Inc. a truly modern millennial workspace. It’s not uncommon to find the team huddled in the conference room at 5pm with local craft beer in-hand, or to discover one of the founders taking a power-nap on the office futon.  

Industry Leader

Originally coming from the event business, Iris Inc.’s founders have developed themselves and their people over the past eight years into an industry leading full-service marketing and brand positioning company. Iris Inc’s paid social service, which includes innovative Snapchat filters, sets Iris apart from its competition learn more. Iris Inc. is also shaping the cannabis industry through its comprehensive marketing service offerings. As one of the few agencies catering to cannabis-related products and services, Iris Inc. has become a critical partner to many notable cannabis brands.  Keep your eye out for Iris MJ 😉

Our Services

As one of the Best Companies for Millennial Employees, Iris Inc. offers a wide-variety of services fueled by the many talents of its diverse team. The current service catalog at Iris Inc. includes: Social Media Advertising, Web Design & Development, Blog & Copy Writing Services, Email Marketing, Text Message Marketing, Social Media Management, Artist Endorsements, Event Promotions & Staffing and Sponsorship. (need to add service page links here – please request)

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