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Trust. Credibility. Loyalty.

An impactful inbound marketing strategy will help build these factors into every interaction your brand has with your customers. You’ll be gathering more leads, making more conversions, and ultimately bringing in more revenue.

Iris Inc. is Denver’s premier inbound marketing agency, helping your company craft and deliver value-added propositions to potential customers in a less intrusive way than traditional marketing tactics.

Building a great digital experience

inbound marketing

You’ve been spending money on ads, buying email lists, purchasing leads, and wasting time cold-calling. You’re frustrated with the low ROI all this outdated, outbound marketing is getting you. It seems as if these methods are actually pushing potential customers away.

You’re not imagining it. Surveys indicate that traditional outbound marketing is turning people off. More customers are turning to the internet – Google, Yelp!, Facebook friends – to search out for themselves the company or product they want. Today, even your grandmother has a smart phone and is savvy enough to get online to find the information she needs to feel comfortable making a purchase.

We have the solution for you.

Inbound marketing transforms what could be terrifying changes in consumer behavior into empowering opportunities to build customer relationships and revenue.

It provides an opportunity to engage and inform your audience with news, information and special offers. It focuses on developing quality content that aligns with the interests of your potential customers.

The secret to inbound marketing is pretty simple in concept. Create content that’s engaging to your audience, and relevant to their needs on your blog, in your white papers or in Ebooks. Then use social media marketing to push it out to your desired audience.

Once they get hooked on the great ideas, information, and special offers you’re sharing – in exchange only for their email address – they’ll make it their business to find you, use you, and buy from you.

This is one of the hottest marketing strategies of 2017. And whether you’re a new company just starting out, or a successful organization with a strong track record, with Iris Inc. as your inbound marketing agency, you can leverage it for unprecedented earnings.

Is your business looking to extend the reach of your brand through inbound marketing?

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Inbound Marketing FAQs

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method of attracting customers to your products or services through a combination of methods, including content marketing, blogging, SEO, email marketing campaigns, and social media.

The idea is to provide a smoother, less intrusive customer experience, and to build a long-term, trusting relationship with them. This is typically done by providing your prospects with information they’ll find useful or valuable.

When done the Iris way, you’ll earn your customers’ attention, respect, and trust rather than invading their consciousness with paid pop up ads, annoying trade show pitches, TV commercials, and those terrible radio host endorsements.

It lets the customers find you, rather than you chasing them. So when they do find you, they’re already qualified and primed to purchase!

What are the specific elements of inbound marketing?

Personalized, professional emails offering relevant content to your customers can significantly enhance awareness of your brand. Regularly updated blog posts and fresh website content establishes your status as a thought leader in your industry. Engaging with your customers on social media – like answering questions on Twitter, or jumping in on relevant conversation threads on Facebook – helps build strong, loyal communities.

To develop this content, our inbound marketing experts will deconstruct your business offerings to develop unique value added propositions for your specific market.

OK, but how do I do it? What is actually involved, and how can you help me?

Inbound marketing is usually described as a 4 step process:
Attract – Step one is to figure out exactly who your Ideal Customer is. What are their goals? What is keeping them from reaching those goals? What are their pain points? How old are they, and how much money do they make?

Even more granular than your target market, this element of the process allows you to know exactly which channels your customers are most likely to be using, and what type of content they expect to find there.

Convert – You’ve successfully attracted visitors to your website. Now you need to convert those website visitors into qualified leads. The key here is to collect an email address or phone number.

An email address is the most valuable tool in your digital marketing kit. But to get it, you’ll have to make you customers an offer they can’t refuse in return. Ebooks, tip sheets, white papers, a link to a private video. Information that would be valuable to the Ideal Customer you’ve identified.

Close – You’ve attracted qualified customers, and collected some contact information. Now it’s time to close the deal. Iris Inc. provides a full suite of marketing tools and services to help you complete this step, such as email drip campaigns, contact management, follow up, and regular reporting.

Delight – Once you’ve attracted a prospect, converted them into a customer, and closed the sale, your next move is to delight them with outstanding service and follow through. Getting the deliverable into their hands is one part of follow through, but you should also continue to create engaging, useful content for them.

By delighting folks who buy from you, you’re not only creating a repeat customer, you may be creating a brand evangelist who will sing your praises on social media and review sites.

Iris Inc. can help you continue to delight your new customers throughout the relationship you’ve built with them.

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Denver Inbound Marketing Solutions:

Strategic planning for inbound marketing campaigns, including:

  • Build comprehensive database of customers & subscribers
  • Segment contact lists for specific campaigns or customer types:
    • Managers
    • Buyers
    • Industry Leaders
    • Competitors
  • Craft compelling proposals & offers
  • Design beautiful, responsive email templates
  • Create & manage engaging content for
    • Emails
    • Blog posts
    • Web pages
    • Social media posts & more
  • Incorporate interactive media into digital content
  • Email, blog, & social media traffic directed to targeted landing pages
  • Develop forms that convert web visitors into leads

Inbound marketing campaign implementation & management

  • Create publication schedule & workflow following industry standards & marketing best practices
    • At least one email marketing campaign each month
    • At least one blog post, new web page, or photo gallery per month
    • Ensure content provides value-added information, relevant to target audience
    • Regular posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other high-value social media platforms
  • Engage customers with compelling subject lines, personalized greetings, captivating headers & calls-to-action
  • Track the results of inbound campaigns through comprehensive analytics & reports:
    • Click-through rates
    • Click-to-open rates
    • Conversion rates
  • Target customers across multiple-platforms with responsive layouts optimized for mobile devices



“Since Iris Inc became our inbound marketing agency, we’ve experienced a significant increase in sales in our nightclub, and hotel rooms. The Iris team significantly increased our customer relationship database, organize and consolidate our existing data, and has played an integral role in the design and delivery of our recurring bi-weekly newsletter. I highly recommend the Iris team for these marketing services.”

– Mike Alexander – Owner/Operator – NATIV HotelNATIV Hotel | Stereo Lounge | Biergarten


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