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We are a Denver web design agency creating custom, responsive web design solutions for our clients all over the world. At Iris Inc.web development services attract new customers to your business. Whether your website is in need of updates, or you’re launching a start up, contemporary website or app design significantly enhances your online presence.

Your business is more likely to convert traffic into customers if your website establishes a strong value proposition. Contact us to get started.

Denver Web Design

At Iris Inc., we take website design very seriously. Our expert team of web designers located in Denver work closely with each client to deliver state-of-the art websites that reflect their brand image. Heard enough? Message us now. We closely monitor new web technologies to leverage the latest trends when designing websites for small businesses operating in any industry.

Iris Inc empowers business owners to take control of their website design.

WordPress-based websites are an excellent platform for managing your content without knowledge of HTML or other coding languages. Our WordPress sites can connect with thousands of popular third-party services while providing a comprehensive and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

With a strong track-record for providing the best Denver web design services, Iris Inc. is proud to work with many small to medium sized  businesses all over the world. If you’re interested in creating a high quality website to represent you or your business, the web design team at Iris Inc. located in Denver is ready to help. We work with any budget, so please contact us today for a free estimate!

The best part is yet to come: Digital Marketing Services

Iris Inc., is more than a just a Denver web design company, we are also a digital marketing company specializing in SEO and social media marketing. In other words, we wont leave you hanging one we build your website, we can help drive traffic too. Check out our digital marketing services.

Denver Web Design FAQs

How much does a web design cost?
All our web design projects are quoted as a fixed bid. We base our prices on a number of factors, including the ‘look and feel,’ of the site, the complexity of your desired functionality, and how many pages you need. Depending upon the package we create for you, some marketing support costs, such as SEO, copywriting, and social media integration may be included in the overall cost of your site.

Of course every project is absolutely its own animal, and we will work closely with you to determine a budget based on your unique needs, and to create a scope of work that will exist within it.

For a more specific answer to this question, give us a call at 855-638-7407 and we’ll get started on an estimate.

Do your designs work with WordPress?
Yes. In fact, one of our specialties is creating beautiful, functional themes for WordPress. Whether you need a slick portfolio site to show off your photographs, or a simple user interface for your eCommerce site, Iris Inc., has a solution to meet your needs.

What’s a template, why are they so cheap, and do I need one?
A template is a pre-coded and pre-designed site design and layout. It’s true that many templates look great when you see them in their demonstration forms. The issues start once you download them. Unless you have some HTML, CSS, SQL and other alphabet soup training, templates can be very difficult to set up and get running as you see them on the demo site.

They are so cheap because they’re designed en mass by designers in countries where designers are often paid much less for their knowledge and skills than here in the States.

Most small and mid-sized businesses don’t have a webmaster on hand to download, install, customize for your brand, maintain and update a template site. You are probably better off working with a web design agency like Iris Inc. who will collaborate with you to make sure your new site design is beautiful, brand-appropriate, user-friendly, and fully functional – while respecting any budgetary constraints your small business may be working under.

Reach out to us today to get started on your beautiful new website!


Denver Web Design Solutions

  • 100% custom designed website & app templates
  • Industry leading UI / UX across all platforms
  • Design beautiful, highly responsive layouts/templates.
    • Standardize site-wide color palettes to match your branding.
    • Consider the user experience in order to create easy-to-navigate websites.
  • Customize designs for email templates
  • Local Denver web design team, just a phone call away
  • Optimize pages for different display sizes:
    • Leverage responsive page elements to easily adjust layout when changing browser window sizes.
    • Provide retina-ready graphics that can easily scale to Ultra-HD resolutions.
    • Develop mobile-responsive templates for displaying page content on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.
  • Many more custom Web design & development services. Inquire now.


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“I can’t say enough about the talent within this group. They surpassed my expectations by taking my company from an idea to an entire brand. From logo design to brand concept all the way to executing a genius, user friendly website. I have so much appreciation for the entire web design team as they were very hands on throughout this process. From patiently listening and answering all of my stupid questions to not only fixing my problems but teaching and walking me through processes that enabled me to solve my own web related issues, I appreciate the real time the Iris Inc team provided me as a new entrepreneur business owner.”

– Robert Rogers, Founder/President, Charter Jetset – USA

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If you’re interested in creating a high quality website or mobile app, the Denver web design team at Iris Inc. is ready to help. Fill the from below and we will get in touch right away.

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