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In today’s world of outsourcing, offshoring, and globalization, small and midsize businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing and advertising. Guerilla marketing tilts the battlefield back in our direction. It empowers any business of any size to set off a powerful explosion of brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales!

The guerilla marketers at Iris Inc. have the specific set of skills needed to succeed at this unconventional style of asymmetrical advertising warfare.

Guerilla marketing: a memorable experience for your potential customers & a powerful incentive to engage with your brand.


Low-cost, high-yield, unconventional marketing tactics are proving to be more effective with today’s consumers – especially millennials – than traditional strategies. Rather than a one-way conduit of soulless traditional commercials, ads, and brochures, we create a fun and immersive experience for your customers.

A way for them to engage in a multi-directional conversation with your brand.

Looking for a more creative way to engage potential customers? The marketing team at Iris Inc. has years of experience leveraging guerilla marketing strategies with local businesses.

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Guerilla Marketing FAQs

What is guerrilla marketing

The best guerilla marketing definition comes from the inventor of the strategy, Jay Conrad Levinson: “Achieving conventional goals[…] with unconventional methods, such as investing time and energy instead of money,” in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Ideally, this is a marketing strategy that achieves high-impact results through unconventional, but memorable tactics. Iris Inc. is uniquely positioned to assist your company with these types of campaigns because our experience in

has equipped us with just the sort of outside-the-cubicle thinking and skills necessary to pull off remarkable happenings.

What are examples of guerilla marketing tactics?

There are 2 especially exciting examples of successful guerilla marketing campaigns from the last few years:

At Austin’s famous South by Southwest festival in 2014, location-based social media platform Foursquare drew in thousands of walk-up participants with an actual game of “four square” on the sidewalk.

As a result, the company experienced an unprecedented increase of check-ins on its service from 250,000 to 350,000.

Another great example of guerilla-style marketing tactics is The Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge raised awareness for ALS and raised an incredible amount of money for the cause. The viral phenomenon quickly spread across the world.

Rather than trying to reach customers in standard environments, when done effectively, guerilla marketing tactics like these engage your customers on a much more personal level.

How do you make sure these guerilla marketing tactics will be good for my brand and business?

At Iris Inc. we believe that even unconventional tactics require good old-fashioned legwork to pull off successfully. No matter how spontaneous a happening feels to the customers, careful planning and preparation is required for it to work to your brand’s advantage.

1. First, we research your product and industry to develop the most relevant value propositions for your brand.
2. Then we brainstorm with you to create engaging and creative offers and activities to help your customers better understand your business.
3. Finally, we leverage a team of brand ambassadors to deliver our high-yield guerilla marketing tactics all over the Greater Denver Area.

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Guerilla marketing solutions

We provide highly knowledgeable brand experts who

  • Determine customer needs, interests & unique qualities
  • Engage with customers to align interests & needs with brand goals
  • Recommend products & services that provide value to customers
  • Identify non-traditional marketing & branding approaches
  • Generate new leads in your target market
  • Enforce brand awareness with standardized campaign themes
  • Cultivate lifelong relationships between brands & ambassadors
  • Educate sales staff, store managers, customers & other involved parties on products, services & brand goals
  • Encourage in-depth, personal employee/customer interactions
  • Align customer & brand interests through incentivized sponsorships

In addition to businesses, Iris Inc. works with

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Causes

Sponsored events & promotions enhance brand awareness

  • Music Events
    • Festivals
    • Concerts
    • Release parties
  • Parties
    • Hotel parties
    • Private venue buy-outs
    • Holiday parties (e.g.; Halloween, New Years, etc.)
  • Special Events
    • Product announcements
    • Launch parties
    • Food and catering events



“I work for Breakthru Beverage in Colorado and represent the Diageo Portfolio. We teamed up with Iris Inc. for SNOWDOWN at EXDO in January 2015 — sponsoring along with Peligroso Tequila. The event was a huge guerrilla marketing success and working with Ben and team was seamless. Any requests myself or the Peligroso team had they made sure it happened. I have worked with a lot promotional companies over the years and have to say the Iris Inc. team are the exceptionally buttoned up and follow-through again and again on any requests/commitments we have. Absolute pleasure to work with.”

– Sean Hogan – Diageo Portfolio – Breakthru Beverage


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If you’re interested in using guerilla marketing to represent you or your business, the activation team at Iris Inc. is ready to help. We work with any budget, so please contact us today for a free estimate!

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