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With a customer and sales-centric approach to promotion, marketing and staffing, Iris Inc. provides turnkey service for your next sales event, trade show, product demo, or convention.

Let us hype your next event with brand ambassadors, security, greeters, hosts and more. Our Denver event staffing service provides absolutely everything you need to make your function a raging success.

Our extensive event marketing and planning experience has made us industry leaders when it comes to pulling off a special occasion that supports your brand and sales goals, runs smoothly and professionally, and – most importantly – creates a great impression in the minds of your prospects and customers. Here’s how we do it.

Genuine Connections Generate Leads


We guarantee that every Iris Inc. representative assigned to your campaign will be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your brand. This includes your website design and development team, and social media event marketing team, as well as our event planning staff.

For the day or night of the event, we pride ourselves on finding the most outgoing, professional, and engaging promo models and brand ambassadors in Denver to represent your business. We take the time necessary for them to become almost as familiar with the benefits of your product as you are.

But we do more than just familiarize ourselves with your company. We get downright friendly with your clients! Our event staff stands apart from typical event promotions employees because we approach our customer engagement training strategically.

We find out as much as we can about the customers who’ll be attending your event ahead of time. Our goal is to anticipate their questions before even they know what they’re planning to ask. And to arm our representatives with your key brand attributes and the people skills necessary to communicate those attributes effectively.

Iris Inc. approaches our talent acquisition and training with so much passion because we believe that the best way to generate leads and grow your brand at an event is by making a genuine connection.

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Denver Event Staffing & Event Marketing FAQs

What is a brand ambassador?

Entrepreneur Magazine defines a brand ambassador as a “person who’s tried your product or service and loves it – loves it enough to say amazing things about it.”

Different from a paid endorser, the main advantages to working with our brand ambassadors are authenticity and enthusiasm.

Does Iris Inc. do event marketing as well as brand ambassadorship?

Iris Inc. has a strong background in event marketing, planning, and execution with over 35 years of combined success in the field. We develop multi-channel marketing strategies to ensure that the word gets out about your event or function.

When should I start marketing my event?

The worst mistake you can make in event promotion is to get started too late. A successful, professional event that meets your sales or lead generation goals, and provides a memorable and pleasant experience for your customers can be a complex process with a lot of moving parts.

Success requires upfront planning to ensure that the event is promoted appropriately and professionally, that ticketing is handled well, and that day of event execution is taken care of as well. We will also take hiring and training of staff and payroll off your hands!

We work with businesses and budgets large, small and in between!

But in order to pull off a truly great event, contact us today to get the planning started!



Denver event marketing, event staffing & brand ambassador solutions

Turnkey event promotions & staffing:

  • Product or brand promotion through
    • Brand activation booth or pop-up tent installations w/ high quality product displays
    • Experienced brand ambassadors creating unique, high-quality customer engagement
    • Swag & sales collateral distribution
    • Incentive-based promo offers
    • Data capture
  • B2B Lead generation program:
    • Operate as liaison between your company & prospects
    • Build quality rapport & relationships with potential sales prospects
    • Gain vital information regarding prospect needs & objectives to uncover opportunities
    • Report to client & create strategic plan to optimize additional sales opportunities
  • Cover every aspect of staffing needs for events:
    • Greeters and hosts
    • Security and safety
    • Event registration staff
    • Ticket cashiers

Our strategic brand ambassador(s) will:

  • Represent your business with highly knowledgeable brand experts:
    • Create rapport with prospects through outgoing, professional, & engaging conversation
    • Assess level of prospect interest in client products & services
    • Align prospect needs & desires with client on a friendly and personal level
    • Recommend products and services that provide value to customers
  • Generate new leads in your target market
  • Extend the reach of your brand with high-quality promotions
  • Enhance brand awareness with standardized campaign themes
  • Cultivate lifelong relationships between brands & ambassadors
  • Educate involved parties on products & services i.e.; sales staff, store managers, customers
  • Promote employee advocacy & help boost positive perception of brand to create quality future customer interactions.
  • Facilitate circular feedback between customers & staff to improve satisfaction



“Bacardi has been staffing with Iris for over a year now in the Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins markets. They have proven to be a top tier organization when comes to event staffing, training and executing Bacardi promotions around the state of Colorado.”

– Tyler Leavy– TEAM Enterprise – Bacardi Portfolio Manager


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If you’re interested in creating high quality leads through brand ambassadors and staffing, the team at Iris Inc. is ready to help.

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