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Iris Inc // We are a fully-integrated event, marketing and business development company.
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Why You Should Treat Lead Gen Marketing Like a First Date

Let Iris Inc. Be Your Dating Coach Lead generation marketing may be the most important way your company starts new relationships today. It’s kind of like a first date. You and your prospect are trying to get to know one another, and make a great first... read more

Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.

-Napoleon Hill

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Our event company roots set us apart from the rest.

Our team has a combined 35+ years of event experience. Our specialty is risk management and creating and implementing new revenue streams. Learn more about our event team’s scope of work; Event Marketing, Event Management, Experiential, Insurance, Talent Buying and the many more.

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We are marketing experts.

While we come from an event company background, we have become marketing specialists and our team is on the forefront of the digital movement. Learn more on our marketing department page.

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Create, manage & reinforce the conversation.

To engage users effectively, brands need to participate organically in the conversations
that users want to be apart of​. In tandem ​​we deliver high impression-based branding campaigns on social platforms for reinforcement.

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Biz Dev (Business Development) is our newest business initiative.

We work diligently to create outlasting partnerships through the alignment of like-minded individuals and businesses to create growth and strength among our groups. This is networking at its finest, we connect the dots.

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At Iris we take on projects like they are our own.

We implement a full “top-down” integration of our team encompassing all aspects of an event or project from start to finish.
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